Google Earth Prjoects

Fly California is the motto of the California High Speed Rail Authority.

Now with Google Earth, you can fly over the alignmments
proposed by Architecture 21.

These were hand-coded, so in instances where the alignment seems
a bit off, please respect the many volunteer hours that went into this project.

For detailed drawings, please examine the route maps.

To experience the fly-overs, you'll need to have Google Earth on your computer.
You will also need to download the g.kml file that loads the routes. Once you have
both you will see stations, routes and landmarks loaded into Google Earth.
To fly the routes, select a route and then push play > on Google Earth.

Let's go!

The route is the red line. Stations appear as black boxes. Tunnels are white boxes.
Some other civil features are under development. BART extensions are blue lines.

Google Earth can be downloaded for free.

Copyright 1994-2006 Architecture 21